Shelton School District Smartphone Email Settings 

This is a guide to configure internet enabled smartphone devices to connect and synchronize with the Shelton School District email server. There are many phones out there that give staff members the opportunity to access their email from their phone.  Each phone's e​mail setup screens are different, the typical setting that are asked in email/exchange setup screen on smartphones are listed below.
Notes: The settings below are for a staff member named Jane Doe with a username of JDoe. Usernames are not case sensitive but passwords are always case sensitive.
Very Important: When you change your district password make sure you immediately change your password on your Smartphone email account.  If you do not do so, then your phone will use your old password and quickly lock your district account because our servers will interpret the failed mail access to be an intrusion.  
If you ever lose your Smartphone please change your password immediately and notify Tech Services.  In most cases we can remotely wipe the email from your phone and/or prevent the device from connecting to our mail server.

(Keep in mind that the email setup will not ask you all of these questions, but they will ask you a combination of the majority of these)

Account Type: Microsoft "Exchange" Server
Email Address:
Connection Mode: ActiveSync
Username: Note: this is not consistent on all phones
First try just your username: ie JDoe
If this doesn't work, it may want your domain\username such as
Password: The password you use to logon to a district computer
Domain Name: first try sso if that doesn’t work then try sso.local
Domain\Username: sso\ jdoe
Display Name: Jane Doe (This is how you want your name to be viewed when others receive email from you)
Mail Server Address:
SMTP Server Address:
Any Other Server Address:
OWA/Outlook Web Access Address: 
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Encryption or Uses SSL: This option must be checked/enabled

Other Setup Help