​Native American Education


The mission of the Title VI Native American Education program is to provide academic and cultural programming for Native American students. “Since Time Immemorial” curriculum is used throughout the district. The Title VI program has been in operation for over 30 years. We have five Native American Education Tutors in the Shelton School District that work with students at every building.  Services include:

  • Academic help and educational values
  • Career awareness
  • Cultural awareness/guidance
  • Dropout prevention
  • Self-confidence building opportunities
  • Native American identity reinforcement
  • Community updates and awareness
  • Liaison between parents, students, teachers and the school
  • Inter-Tribal Parent Advisory Committee

Click here for the 506-Native American Eligibility Certification Form.


Upcoming Events

PAC meeting
Skokomish Community Center
Date TBD


For more information, please contact our Director of State & Federal Programs, Travis Smith, at 360-426-1687, TGSmith@SheltonSchools.org​ ​