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9th Grade


Oakland Bay Junior High

    Physical Education Department



Students will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of physical activities such as team, dual and individual activities, which will promote an active lifestyle. Such activities could possibly include: archery, basketball, badminton, flag-football, fitness, volleyball, pickle ball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, ping-pong and other recreational games. Activities are chosen based on the weather, facilities availability and number of students per class.  All students must wear appropriate and safe physical activity shoes and the required PE uniform. These PE clothes can be purchased at the school office for a $15.00 fee.   Your lock and locker are provided for by the school for your use and all equipment for activities.

Our curriculum is based on the Essential Academic Learning Requirement (EALR) for Health and Fitness (These are things that all students in Washington including you, will be expected to know and do by the end of the semester.) The student acquires the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain an active life: through movement and physical fitness. 1.1 Apply movement principles and skills to complex activities that enhance a physically active life. 1.2 Safely participates in a variety of developmentally appropriate physical activities. 1.3 Understand the concepts of health-related physical fitness and develop and monitor progress on personal fitness goals.

The weekly routine will usually consist of three day’s of an instructional unit: which could be team, dual or individual physical activities. Two days a week will be focused on a given fitness component such as cardio or muscular strength.

Assessment Policy:

The grades are based on the percentage of the total points earned from the points possible. Most days will be valued at 10 points.  (Being prepared, participation and cooperation) 100-93%=A, 92-90%= A-, 89-87%= B+, 86-83% =B, 82-80% = B- 79-77%=C+, 76-73% =C, 72-70%= C-, 69-67%= D+, 66-60%= D 59%-0= F

Non-suit policy and consequences:

 1st Non-suit= loss of daily points and warning call home. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th non-suit = loss of daily points and an infraction slip will result. If the 4th non-suit occurs within 14 days of the other 3 a referral will result. A 5th non-suit will result in a referral. At that point a behavioral contract will be created by an administrator.  The 7th non-suit = failure to receive credit. Failure of both quarters will result in failing the semester and loss of credit for ninth graders. All other school rules and consequences apply during regular physical activity class. (Please refer to the student handbook)      



Classroom Participation Expectations

Safety is our number one concern in the gym area!!

     In the past, some students have exhibited behaviors that are extreme safety concerns or had the potential to destroy property. Such behaviors may cause the student to be removed from class immediately, and referred to a school administrator. Examples of this behavior might be, but not limited to, hanging from or grabbing at the rim or net of the basketball hoop, fighting, climbing on closed bleachers, throwing unsafe objects or any other behavior we deem as unsafe.

1.        CLASS PARTICIPATION IS ESSENTIAL!!! The majority of your semester grade comes from your effort level, during all class activities.

2.        Be in class on time and prepared to participate. Tardiness will result in detention time and lowering of grade.  A tardy is defined as being both in the gym when the bell rings and being in roll call at the appropriate time.

3.       Always suit-out for class in appropriate activity clothes and safely tied athletic shoes. Not being prepared for class will result in loss of points. See non-suit discipline steps.  All school dress codes apply.(no sagging, underwear  exposure will not be tolerated and no mid-drifts exposure, and safely tied athletic shoes)

4.        After suiting-out, report directly to roll call and be seated, stay off equipment in the gym, and absolutely no horseplay.  Examples include, but are not limited to hanging on the rims throwing shoes around and touching others during the warm-up jog.

5.         Stay off the bleachers. Do not climb up on them when closed.

6.        During the warm-up jog you are to be moving in an orderly/controlled fashion around the gym in the pattern described by the teacher at an appropriate pace. No touching of other students, no zigzagging around others and do not touch any equipment until designated to do so.

7.        Water and bathroom breaks will be at a specific time. You will lose participation points if you take an inappropriate bathroom or water break. Special accommodations for specific and documented medical conditions will be allowed.

8.        Jewelry should be left at home or locked in locker, not worn in class. All body piercing need to be removed or you will be considered a safety hazard and will be deemed a non-suit.

9.        While participating in class activities you are expected to stay on task at all times until otherwise directed.

10.     For safety and sanitation, absolutely no pop or food is allowed in the physical education or locker room facilities. Chewing gum is not allowed in our school building.

All school rules apply in the gym and will be followed. Additional behavior expectations will apply in PE/Health due to SAFETY and SECURITY issues



Make-up policy:

   Non-suits cannot be made-up.  Absences can be made up by attending specific make-up sessions offered at school for full value (10 pts). The make-up sessions will be before and after school.  The specific times will be posted in the gym.  If you are unable to attend a make-up session, you must have the PE make-up form filled out and turned into your teacher within one week of absence or from when you return if you are gone for consecutive days to receive partial(7 pts).  The make-up forms can be obtained from your teacher. Interscholastic sports or activity practices aren’t accepted as make-ups. If you have any questions please ask your teacher. It is your responsibility to make-up the work you have missed during class.

Make-up forms are located on the main gym wall, in each of the locker rooms, at the front office, on our homework hotline website or request one from your teacher directly.





Medical exemptions policy:  

    In order to be excused from participation due to a medical issue you must have medical documentation or be in the process of getting an appointment.  If you are well enough to come to school you will be asked to dress down and participate and do the best you can. Notes from home are great communications but you will be expected to suit down participate to the best of your ability. All notes from home need to have a parent/guardian signature and a phone number with the best time to be reached.   If you have an inhaler you are responsible for taking it as directed by your doctor, and communicate to your teacher about any current medical concerns that would affect your class participation.

   Locker room Expectation 

We do not allow the following items in the locker room:

Cameras, Cell phones, Glass containers or Sprays They will be confiscation and a disciplinary consequence will apply

1.      Memorize your PE locker combination. Do not share it with anyone. If you forget the locker combination the teacher will assist you.

2.       Do not put your belongings into another locker; we will not give you someone else’s combo for any reason.

3.       If you lose the lock you will be fined $6.00.

4.      You are expected to lock your locker with all valuables inside. Disciplinary consequences will occur if you leave your possessions unsecured.

5.      YOU are responsible for all of your property.   

6.      Items in your PE locker need to be PE shirt, shorts, and athletically appropriate gym shoes.

7.      Suggested items are roll on deodorant. A small plastic container for small items such as jewelry, an extra set of PE clothes/sweatshirts and athletic shoes for any cold/wet days outside.


Contact information
School Phone # 426-7991

 e-mail addresses: ccole@sheltonschools.org , dniehl@sheltonschools.org  , lbaysinger@sheltonschools.org



Is that each and every student be physically fit is the mission of Shelton School districts Physical Education Departments.  To that end, the district’s K-12 Health and Fitness curriculum serves students in two interrelated areas. First, it provides each student with scientifically researched standards based upon developmentally appropriate physical activities. Secondly, it develops and encourages each student to practice positive life long healthy habits. We believe this curriculum is a valuable component of a student’s education. Each and every one of our students need and deserve the opportunity to learn how to equip them for an active and healthy lifestyle. Our district's curriculum facilitates this by providing a number of programs to enhance and teach its students skills in physical fitness, good health practices, personal safety, self-esteem and character building.



Detach here and return the signed portion below to your teacher

As a student enrolled in an OBJHS PE class, I acknowledge the class responsibility of regular attendance and participation. I REALIZE A PASSING GRADE AND CREDIT WILL BE EARNED ONLY BY FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENTS.  I have read and understand the above expectations and requirements.
Student Signature _____________________________Date ____________ PE Period 1 2 3 5 6
Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________ Date_____________                  
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​​The Shelton School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Linda Arnold, Director of Human Resources. 360-426-1687. 700 S. 1st Street; Shelton, WA 98584. Complaint procedure can be found on this website under Board Policy #3210 (students) and #5010 (employees).