Home Partnership Academy

The Home Partnership Academy provides an opportunity to combine the best aspects of public schools and learning at home.  Students are considered full-time students in the Shelton School District. 

Enrolled families meet on a predetermined, regular basis with an educator who is knowledgeable in setting goals and objectives, suggesting alternatives, recommending resources, and assessing progress.  The educator is also available to assist the student in order to provide a  successful and rewarding educational experience.
Recognizing that parents are the principal teachers of their children, Shelton School District is partnering with families of home-schooled students to provide them with valuable educational assistance through the Home Partnership  Program. 
This program offers learning support and provides parents with the opportunity to be intricately involved in the success of the program by consulting with other parents, teaching elective or enrichment courses ,or serving on various committees.
The goal of the program is to support, not replace, parents with such services as:  access to computer-based learning systems; instructional materials; curriculum and enrichment activities for parents and students; consultation; goal setting; and assessment of progress.
For additional information visit one of the following sites depending on the desired grade level