Thank you voters, the bond has passed
Dear Shelton School District staff, parents, students, and community members:
The Shelton School District construction bond has passed!  The final ballot count was just completed and the Mason County Elections Office has informed us that the measure passed by 60.55%.  The election will be officially certified tomorrow.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heart-felt “thank you” for caring enough to launch Shelton School District and the Shelton-Mason County community into a wonderful future that will allow our students to pursue their hopes and dreams that support our community in such a way that we can all hold our heads high and proclaim, “Shelton Proud, Shelton Now!” 
We have come together as one to continue the march forward – with your support the sky’s the limit relative to how we enhance our academic programs so that students will have a greater desire to become more actively engaged in their education, stay in school and graduate, and confidently and skillfully take the next step in life, whatever that may be.
Very sincerely,
Alex Apostle; Superintendent, Shelton School District