Welcome to the Community section of the Shelton School District Website. 

This section of our website contains links to items of interest to the Shelton community.

About Shelton School District - General information about Shelton School District.

Bond - The Shelton community supported and passed a major bond on February 14th, 2017.  Most of the bond projects are slated to be completed by the start of the 2019-20 school year.

Community Link Newsletters - Read the Newsletters recently published by the district.   The newsletters contain news about the district for the Shelton community.

Community Websites - Shelton area website and tourism information.

Employment Opportunities - Shelton School District is one of the largest employers in Mason County. We are always looking for employees in a variety of positions from transporting students to school to taking care of our facilities.

Instructional Programs - An overview of the instructional programs and assessments in the district.

Levy - Maintenance and operations levies provide funding for basic education services and day-to-day operating expenses that are not fully paid for by the state.

News and Events - Get all the latest press releases and information about upcoming events.

News Websites - Links to current news from Shelton to world-wide news.

Performing Arts Center - The district has an auditorium that is used for a number of community activities. Find out about upcoming activities that you can attend or find out how your group can rent the use of this facility.

Plan of Action 2015-2018 and Beyond - The eight goals for the district are outlined in this plan of action approved by the school board on 11/10/2015.

School Board of Directors - Information regarding the Shelton School District Board of Directors.
SHS Sports Schedules - Want to see our high school students participating in athletics? Here you can find out when the next game is.

Phone & Staff Directory - Listing of phone numbers and email addresses for Shelton School District Staff.

Swimming Pool - The Shelton community pool is owned and operated by the Shelton School District.  The pool is open for community use throughout most of the year.

Volunteer Opportunities - Get involved in our schools by volunteering to help at your local schools.

Voter Registration - Information regarding voter registration.  Includes links for voter registration, checking your voter registration status, and timelines for when you need to have your registration completed to vote in the next election.

Weather. Climate, and Earthquake Information - Get the latest weather information for the Shelton community.  Includes links to our SchoolNet Weather station.  Also includes links for other climate information and earthquake information.