​​​About Shelton School District

Shelton, nestled in a moderate alpine and marine setting, is located in Mason County on Puget Sound’s 
Oakland Bay and is the southeastern gateway to the Olympic Peninsula.  Mason County is one of the fastest growing counties in Washington, hosting both Hood Canal and Puget Sound waters.

Shelton is located in a wonderfully diverse setting, serving the Skokomish and Squaxin Island Indian nations 
and a growing Latino population.
Shelton, the county seat, is a community of over 9,000 that is diversified and offers unique opportunities.  Industries closely tied to the surrounding woods and water are lumber, evergreens, shellfish, and Christmas tree farming.  In addition, Shelton has developed a strong aerospace support industry.  There is abundant recreation in varying forms including golf, hiking, fishing, hunting, water sports, and camping.

A wide range of cultural activities and urban amenities are also available locally and in nearby 
Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle.

4,296 Students (january 2018)

     7 Schools:

          -1 Regular High School (10th—12th)

            -1 Alternative High School (9th –12th)

            -1 Jr. High School (8th/9th)

            -1 Middle School (6th/7th)

            -3 Elementary schools (Pre—5th)

     727 employees

           -563 regular employees

           -164 substitute or temporary employees 

 — Quick Facts About Shelton School District —  

   Enrollment: 4,296 students    (January 2018)                          

      Bordeaux Elementary             571 students                                

      Evergreen Elementary            565 students (plus preschool) 

      Mt. View Elementary               624 students (plus preschool)     

      Olympic Middle School           602 students

      Oakland Bay Jr. High School   709 students                            

      CHOICE High School               243 students                                

      Shelton High School               982 students                   

  Ethnicity (Approx.)

      Hispanic                                 30%                                         

      White                                      58.6%                                        

      American Indian                    3.4%                                         

      Asian                                       0.6%                                      

      Black                                       0.6%         ​  

Employees:  727 (563 reg. employees; 164 subs and temps)

      Certificated Staff                     268

      Classified Staff                         271

      Administrators                           24

Budget (2016-17)

       Total Revenues                       $54,549,790

       Total Expenditures                 $54,141,752

        Fund Balance                         $  5,372,381​


-  Birth—12th grade.

 -  The alternative school houses 9th—12th grade.

 -  Cooperative (with other districts) for transportation and special services.          

Shelton School District is unique in that we have four feeder school districts.  These feeder school districts do not have all grade levels in their school district.  Students from Hood Canal, Pioneer and Southside all attend Shelton High School.  Students from Grapeview have a choice of going to either Shelton or North Mason school districts.

School District Map