June is National Internet Safety Month.  

We will be providing information with helpful tips and suggestions for students to follow to make sure you are safe while using online activities.

Cyberbullying can happen if someone else has access to your account.  Prevent others from using your district and/or online accounts.  Do not share your username and password with anyone except your parents/guardians.  Do not leave your profile logged on while you are not on the computer.  If you suspect someone knows your username/password change it immediately.
Do you know what you should do if someone says something mean or untrue about you online? It might sound harsh but don’t engage them in further communication, block their chat session and/or unfriend them.
If you would like to meet someone you met online, do not arrange to meet them without having a parent or guardian with you.  People are not always who they say they are.
Be careful not to share your personal information with people online that you do not really know.  Just because someone says they are a 15 year old from Olympia does not mean that is who they really are.  They could be a 38 year old from Shelton, do you really want them knowing that much about you?


Who can see your personal information online?  Check your privacy settings and make sure you are not displaying too much information to online "friends".