Voter Registration Information
To register to vote in the state of Washington, you must be:
  • A citizen of the United States by birth or naturalization
  • A legal resident of the State of Washington
  • At least eighteen years old on or before election day
You may not register to vote if you are:
  • Presently denied your civil rights as a result of a felony conviction
  • Judicially declared mentally incompetent and ineligible to vote
To register to vote you must provide your drivers license number or ID card number.  If you do not have a Washington State Driver's License or ID card, you must provide the last 4 digits of your social security number.
To Register
Obtain a mail-in voter registration form from one of the many location throughout the county.  Sites include schools, state agencies, most manned fire stations, libraries and the Mason County Auditors office.  You may also download and print a form from the Secretary of State Website.   Fill out the form and then either mail it in or hand deliver it to the Mason County Auditor's Office.  You may also register to vote when getting your drivers license at the Department of Motor Vehicles or when registering your children for school.
After registering to vote you will receive verification of registration within 30 days.  If you are not notified contact the Mason County Auditor's Office.
Note: You must register 30 days prior to the next election by mail in registration.  After the 30 day cut-off you can still register to vote in person at the Auditor's Office up to 15 days prior to the election.
Registration Information Changes
  • If you moved into Mason County
If you move into Mason County from another county, Washington State Law requires that you register all over again.  You can not transfer a registration from county to county.  After you have registered with Mason County, they will notify the county you have moved from.
  • If you moved within Mason County
If you have moved within Mason County you must notify the Elections Department of your new address.  This can be done by phone, mail or email.  If you email or mail in a change of address please include your name, old address and date of birth.  To be eligible to vote in your new precinct you must notify us of your new address no later than 30 days prior to an election.
  • If you have changed your name
A name change can be completed on the mail-in voter registration form. Obtain a mail-in registration form from one of the many locations throughout the county, phoning the elections department at (360) 427-9670 ext. 470, emailing, or in person at the Mason County Auditors Office located at 411 North 5th Street in downtown Shelton, or click on the Secretary of State's website to print a voter registration form.
How often do I have to vote to keep my registration on file?
A voter's name will remain on record with the Elections Department until the voter request to be removed from the rolls, another county contacts us that you are now registered with them, or if the voter is deceased.  However, if mail is returned to the Auditor's Office as undeliverable, a voter's name will be placed on "inactive" status and will be cancelled after two Federal Elections if that voter does not contact our office or attempt to vote.