Intermediate School Information

  1. Provides a more age-appropriate teaching and learning model.
  2. Increased articulation and focus between the two intermediate schools and the elementary schools.
  3. Increased ability to organize and sequentially improve the Preschool through 8th grade academic program.
  4. Pioneer and Hood Canal School District students would transition directly into the high school, which not only decreases the number of transitions but provides Pioneer and Hood Canal students with the opportunity over a four year period to develop a sense of belonging rather than transferring after just one year at the junior high to a new environment at the high school.
  5. Shelton students would transition from a 7-8 setting directly into the high school. The 9th grade would become more meaningful to students. Currently, students are not aware of the importance of the 9th grade in relation to high school graduation and the impact on their future after high school.
  6. A strong belief of the bond committee was that moving to a 5-6 and 7-8 reconfiguration would potentially impact the following overall important areas:
    1. Increase student achievement and potentially more positive standardized test scores.
    2. Increase student interest in school and increase student attendance.
    3. Potential for decreased student behavior issues.
    4. Increased communication and collaboration between and among Preschool-8th grade schools.
    5. Students, overall, will be prepared socially, emotionally and academically to succeed in high school, which will increase graduation rates and improve the dropout rate.