Elementary School Information
  1. The bond will provide the opportunity to build a much-needed new Mountain View Elementary.
  2. Provides updated safety and security at all three elementary schools.
  3. Provides needed maintenance at Bordeaux and Evergreen.
  4. The bond proposal under the new configuration eliminates the need to enlarge all three elementary schools.  This would be impossible   due to the fact our current bonding capacity is $65 million.
  5. We would not be able to do the needed maintenance and upgrades at the middle school and junior high if we dealt with all three   elementary schools.
  6. Most importantly, we would not be able to move our 9th graders to the high school because of existing high school capacity.  (98% of Washington 9th graders are currently in a high school setting.)
  7. Elementary class size would be reduced moving from K-5 to K-4.
  8. More one-on-one student instruction.
  9. Increased time for family, parent and teacher collaboration due to smaller numbers of students.
  10. Based on reduced numbers of students, additional time and resources would be focused on reading, math and social skills, which will   increase student success not only at the elementary level but throughout the intermediate level and beyond.